The coronavirus pandemic has forced Learning & Development managers worldwide to review their corporate training approach, and switch to digital learning and online learning platforms.

Does your organization already rely on a flexible LMS? Or are you still looking for a solid, result-oriented learning platform?

We have listed the three absolute must-haves for an LMS, whatever the situation may be. As a long-standing Totara Platinum Partner, we are perfectly able to identify which parts of the LMS are essential to achieve the best results.

LMS must-have 1: personalized learning paths

In the L&D world, people are increasingly moving away from the idea that learning requires a one-sizes-fits-all-approach. Employees nowadays want to acquire new knowledge at their own pace, and based on their own learning needs and interests.

A modern learning platform responds entirely to that need. For example, the Totara Talent Experience Platform allows you to assign courses to specific audiences. So, managers, who have different learning needs, follow other training than operational, clerical or technical staff.

The Totara LMS also offers personalized suggestions or course recommendations (like you would get on Netflix or Spotify), stimulating curiosity about learning activities that would otherwise not catch employees’ attention.

LMS must-have 2: responsive and mobile

Ordering food, checking up on the weather, consulting your bank account: all possible to do quickly, in between other activities, wherever you are at that particular moment.

Following training is increasingly happening on a mobile device too, via smartphone or tablet. The Totara LMS is therefore fully responsive, and available anywhere at any time.

LMS must-have 3: custom reports and analyses

The need to measure the impact and effectiveness of training has never been greater. After all, it allows the L&D department to demonstrate that learning budgets are being spent wisely. Reports and analyses are therefore by far the most important must-have for your learning platform.

With a Totara LMS, you instantly generate learning analytics reports. Additionally, these learning and performance data are user friendly and clearly visualized, making it easy for L&D managers to quickly trace relevant information.

You can report on:

  • which employees have completed a training;
  • the average time people need to follow a certain course;
  • the most popular courses;

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