Learning experiences increasingly take place through different channels and are more often self-directed. Besides following traditional training programs that are offered through an LMS, modern employees take initiatives to look for interesting articles, listen to captivating podcasts and participate in online trainings.

Unfortunately, these smaller bits of knowledge can’t be integrated on a traditional learning platform. No worries, that’s where the Learning Record Store comes to the rescue.

What is an LRS?

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is designed to register alternative ways of learning. For example: online articles, videos, podcasts or tutorials, but also offline sessions, informal conversations with colleagues or other learning moments that occur at work.

The most important task of the LRS is to store xAPI data. Experience API or xAPI is an e-learning technology that registers and tracks all types of learning experiences (e.g. podcasts, videos, blogs) via the browser.

In many cases, the LRS also provides a dashboard and generates reports, allowing Learning & Development managers to easily analyze the collected learning and performance data. It shows the effectiveness of training programs, how employees perform following what they learned, and what they need to focus on to increase the effectiveness of training programs.

What is the difference between an LMS and an LRS?

The names may sound the same, but these learning platforms are two different products, each with their own specific goals.

An LRS is invisible to its users. In the background, it provides a secure way of storing, retrieving and interpreting data about learning experiences, across different systems, media and channels.

An LMS on the other hand, is well visible for its users. It manages, facilitates and launches a variety of formal learning activities.

Why choose to use an LRS and xAPI-technology?

“I already have an LMS. Why would I need an LRS then?” Good question.

An LMS gives your Learning & Development department control over the learning content you offer to employees. With an LRS you ensure that you can identify the impact of that offer on the learning process even better and more precisely.

By integrating an LRS and xAPI technology into an LMS, you get detailed and comprehensive insights that allows a Learning & Development expert to understand the learning process of employees. This powerful combination not only improves ongoing learning programs and learning activities, it also leads to better performance and has a positive impact on the organization.

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