Anyone who stands in professional life today and works hard, knows that learning new things never ends. More than ever, employees are confronted with a changing context in which they regularly have to reinvent themselves. The good will to master new hard skills and soft skills is present, but what employers find is that intuitive interest is often lacking. That is why Neo Learning, scenario-based e-learning specialist, develops learning solutions based on a prehistoric human phenomenon: the power of story.

Storytelling makes learning more human

Long before we had the written word at our disposal, human beings gratefully used stories to convey information and teach each other things. Storylines provide structure that helps the brain to process the information.

Stories revolve around people, the most social beings on this planet. We feel involved with other people and their stories. We want to know what they do, what happens to them, how they deal with things, what mistakes they make and what solutions they come up with for their problems. Apart from our own experience, there is probably no more intuitive way of learning than to learn from someone else. That is why storytelling is so essential.

An argument for scenario-based e-learning

Thanks to digital transformation and the resulting wealth of accessible tools, the power of storylines can be utilized increasingly more optimal in an e-learning solution. That is why, when creating digital courses, Neo Learning likes to truly get to know its customers and their daily, concrete activities. It’s simply a search for compatibility for scenario-based e-learning.

Whether it’s about code of conduct in heavy industry or dealing with security in banking and insurance, we create an authentic and interactive learning environment in which users make decisions and experience a story in their own way. That’s how we make learning effective.

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