Does your company already integrate videos into e-learning courses? Or is video learning seen as a (often unnecessary) luxury? At Neo Learning, we notice daily that learning with video leads to a higher involvement with users, and therefore to better results. As far as we see it, there are plenty of reasons to start using video right away and boost your e-learning strategy. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Video triggers users to follow e-learning

Learning starts with motivation. Employees all over the world have agendas filled with appointments and explicit priorities. Learning moments are usually not part of those.

Usually employees do succeed in freeing up time. However, first you need to attract their attention. A corporate e-mail or introductory text explaining a new e-learning course is not different from the vast amounts of other information that an employee has to process on a daily basis. Video, or let’s say (animated) images are. It makes the content manageable and it appeals to multiple senses at the same time.

Set the right example with video learning

A common learning objective in many companies is simply to bring forth a change in behavior. Just think of an e-learning course about security procedures. By only explaining (through text) what the correct procedures are, you will surely get the most self-aware and performance-oriented employees on board. However, less self-aware employees continue to exhibit the same behavior, even if they have understood the subject matter in itself.

By letting employees learn with video, you give them the opportunity to compare the desired behavior that the video learning module explicitly shows with their own daily behavior. Thanks to this confrontation with reality, employees truly remember the core message and adapt their behavior accordingly…

Some other examples to inspire learning with video:

  • How-to-videos for employees to use a new digital tool
  • An e-learning course with video clips on how to securely classify information
  • A video learning course on how to do a successful sales pitch from A to Z

Watch the video below to discover some short clips, home-made by our Neo experts.

Video learning is tailor-made for millennials

It may seem a bit cliché to link learning with video to millennials. And yet, video meets many of the criteria of this target group. Important, because millennials are becoming more and more prominent in the workplace.

Millennials often multitask: they easily alternate the use of their PC with checking messages and social media on their smartphone. And above all: everything goes fast!

Microlearning, which makes frequent use of video, is therefore the perfect formula for this target group. Thanks to microlearning, employees can quickly check pieces of learning content on their smartphone, in between two tasks, or while they are on the train to work. Learning with video is popular because it offers entertainment value that the user will not find in a traditional solution. It is also practical and requires little effort. After all, as a user, you don’t have to go through paragraphs of text. All you have to do is watch (and possibly listen).

Long story short: video makes learning accessible!

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