Every company with a learning plan wants to achieve an ambition. However great that ambition, an excess of learning content is not the answer. Microlearning is.

Bart leads a large and young sales team. No lack of energy and motivation there! But Bart also knows what his apprentices can still improve on. He therefore has them participate in classroom trainings. Moreover, last year his Learning & Development team developed two e-learnings in which all sales aspects are thoroughly examined. Quite a costly investment, and yet Bart is sad to see that the knowledge is not being applied sufficiently. It seems as if everyone is throwing themselves into the subject matter but no longer sees the wood for the trees. Time for Bart to consider microlearning and its associated benefits.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a learning approach that focuses on achieving very specific results. It consists of small pieces of learning that are offered to employees in a targeted way. This makes the learning material more accessible and manageable. Common forms of microlearning are: videos, infographics, tips and tricks e-mails, short exercises, games, etc.  

The long-term advantages of microlearning

Learning is a process. Managers like Bart offer their people a lot of valuable knowledge with the very best intentions. They focus on knowing, but ignore the inevitable forgetting that comes with it. Learning psychology speaks of the forgetting curve (of Ebbinghaus). This is usually a very unforgiving phenomenon, that means an employee disremembers most of the new knowledge in less than a few days after attending that one mandatory training.

The solution to this shortcoming is to spread the learning moments. Or in other words: to offer the right knowledge at the right time.

‘Just-in-time’ makes learning more relevant

Focusing on specific learning objectives with concise pieces of content goes a long way. Bart, who himself is a seasoned salesman, would love to be present at every pitch of his team members. That way he could give them the right tips.

That is of course impossible. But what if, thirty minutes before their appointment, salespeople see a short video on their smartphone with some crucial tips and tricks? Not only would they then be better armed to face their presentation, they would also absorb the material at a hyper-relevant moment. These advantages of microlearning cannot be overestimated. The connection between the short learning material and the feedback from the pitch is so strong that the behavioral patterns are shifted. In short, there are an infinite number of concrete benefits packaged in a microlearning solution.

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