a game to boost customer service

Do you work in retail? Then you must know the impact of customer satisfaction on your organisation’s growth and success. Your employees play a crucial part in achieving that success. Neo developed a serious game that allows users to learn how to offer the best customer service.

how do your employees deal with customers?

Every day, you get dozens of questions from customers in the store. Sometimes these are simple questions, but at times it can be challenging to respond appropriately.

Your employees must be able to assess the customer’s needs in every situation. Attention to detail is crucial. You will only make the difference with customers if you take into account the bigger picture.

learn the tricks of the trade in a game

In Neo’s serious game, users have to manage a store during five fictitious days. During the game, customers visit the store with various, sometimes challenging, requests.

The challenge for users is to welcome all customers with a smile, answer their questions appropriately, and offer an excellent customer service, all at the same time. The customer’s response immediately shows users whether they assessed the situation correctly. If customers are happy, the barometer rises. Unhappy customers will leave the store, never to return. Meanwhile, users must make sure that the store remains spick and span, because every detail influences the daily turnover.

At the end of each day, users get an evaluation from their manager. Thanks to this feedback, they know what they should pay attention to the next day to provide better customer service and to get a positive final evaluation.

a serious game?

Although it is a game, the serious game serves a greater cause than merely entertaining players. In a serious game, users develop much needed knowledge and skills. They also acquire new insights. By enhancing the user experience, they will absorb the information better.

Discover how a game can help your employees too. Feel free to contact us.

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