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Modern working results in a need for more and more digital training. It comes with its share of growing pains. That’s why we make one or more of our consultants available as a part-time employee or as a coach: tailored to your specific needs. We call it the Neo Learning Acceleration service. Because we want to help you move forward faster.

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Michiel Reynders
+32 476 50 38 18

“Each learning consultant on our team has specific fields of expertise. Your team uses this to turn weaknesses into strengths. Result? Digital trainings that impress and stick!”

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Together we will create a look and feel that indulges your learning solutions with a wow effect and that is fully in line with your company or brand.
  • PRODUCTION: Together we roll up our sleeves for the development of learning modules with various authoring tools. We are happy to transmit our knowledge and experience.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: An outside view often works wonders to augment the impact and quality of your training. We help you out both in the storyboard and production phases.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Keeping a digital learning project on track with tight deadlines is no easy task. We support you with advice and action.
  • LEARNING PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT: The medium is the message. To effectively offer the content of your diverse training programs to your audience, we are happy to help you develop a user-friendly LMS or LXP (Totara, Moodle or other). There’s a reason we have been Totara Platinum Partner for years now.
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  • INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN: To ensure that whatever digital learning solution your team develops brings about the desired results, we spar at the beginning of your project to lay the foundations.
  • STORYBOARDINGIn order to efficiently develop a learning module, in whatever form, and adapt it later if necessary, we help you to work with practical storyboards.
  • COPYWRITING: By setting the right tone, together we create learning solutions that are immersive. We also do this by developing scenarios and storytelling elements.
  • TECHNICAL WRITING: For technical learning modules with very concrete guidelines, we will help you get a flawless storyboard.
  • TRANSLATION: We have in-house language wizards that write in Dutch, English and French. When needed, we simply coordinate all translation work for you: from Italian to Mandarin.
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Need help with specific learning formats? We're here!

Digital learning thrives thanks to the diverse possibilities it has to offer. Thanks to the Neo Learning Acceleration service, you will quickly get to grips with every form of digital learning. We have both Neo consultants to help you conceptualize, and Neo consultants to assist you technically.

What learning solutions do you use a Neo expert for?

    • INTERACTIVE- AND SCENARIO-BASED E-LEARNING: Together we optimize the user experience for your target audience and use storytelling to create engaging learning modules.
    • VIDEO LEARNING: We use the power of video to make learning content more accessible and engaging: software tutorials, instructional videos, animated videos... We get the best out of each approach.
    • MICROLEARNING: Do you want to trigger your target audience in the workflow so they pick up desired behaviors organically? Then we are happy to help you develop short and targeted learning formats.
    • BLENDED- AND MOBILE LEARNING: We help you ensure the right mix of learning formats. Oh yes, and we are also at your side for mobile learning solutions.
    • NEW LEARNING FORMS: learning via podcasts, webinars and virtual classrooms.... We help you with scripts, direction and organization. We also help you boost intrinsic learning motivation among your employees using gamification and social learning.
    Be sure to ask us about our cases when you contact us!
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Who are the Neo Learning consultants?

Our team shares one passion: digital learning. Each of us also finds happiness in one ore more specialties: conceptualizing, writing, graphic design, organizing, developing.

Which of us fits your team the best?

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