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Want to move at lightning speed and launch a digital training course? Maybe what you’re looking for is waiting for you in our Neo Learning Academy! Not only do you get the e-learning, we also help you raise awareness with a vibrant communication campaign.

Discover our ready-made e-learnings.

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Information Security

Reducing cyber security risks? Everything depends on your employees. Our…

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The GDPR e-learning teaches your colleagues everything they need to know about…

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Digital wellbeing at work

Working with digital tools efficiently is quite a challenge, especially when…

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Coping with stress

We teamed up with an acknowledged Stress & Burnout Coach to create an…

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Why the Neo Learning Academy is your best choice

Supported by a campaign

With each off-the-shelf training comes a matching campaign that really makes the e-learning catch on with your employees.

Interactive e-learning

Our training is hands-on, meaning: everything your employees learn can be applied in their workplace on the spot.

No need for your own learning platform

You’ll implement the off-the-shelf training on your own learning platform in no time. Don’t have one? No problem. We make the training available in 1-2-3 via our own Neo Academy LMS.

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