Coping with stress

Did you know that two out of three Belgian employees experience too much stress at work, and that one out of three long-term absences are caused by psychosocial issues?

These startling numbers aren’t just alarming for society in general – they indicate that employees within your business might be suffering from stress, too.

High time to teach your employees how to manage stress, and minimize those alarming numbers.

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5 reasons to go for our e-learning 'Coping with stress'

✔ We developed this training in close collaboration with a certified stress and burnout coach.

✔ We immerse end users in recognizable and realistic scenarios, and educate them on the differences between negative and positive stress.

✔ We pragmatically teach your employees how to reduce negative stress.

✔ We provide useful, downloadable tips and tricks that users can apply on the spot.

✔ End users stay attentive and motivated thanks to challenging interactivity, dynamic support and fun animations.

Our approach creates long-term change and can serve as one of the building blocks in your company’s overall stress prevention plan.

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This e-learning teaches your employees how to:

  • Recognize the symptoms of stress
  • Convert stress into positive energy
  • Improve your concentration
  • Listen to your body

Target audience

All employees in your company


Dutch, French and English


Maximum 15 minutes


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