Information Security

Did you know that your colleagues are the weakest link in keeping your business information secure? Don’t let them fall prey to cybercriminals. Arm your employees against cybersecurity dangers, and minimize the risk of:

  • reputational damage;
  • financial damage;
  • time and data loss.
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5 reasons to go for our 'Information Security' e-learning

✔ Online training with realistic scenarios

Your colleagues will step into the shoes of different teams within the fictional company AllCorp to learn how to recognise and assess dangerous situations in different contexts.

✔ Low drop-out rate thanks to gamification

We integrate gaming elements into our e-learnings, like levels and scores to motivate end users to think ahead and look for solutions.

✔ Learning platform of your choice

We work platform-independently. The choice is yours: your end users can follow the e-learning on the Neo Academy platform, or you can implement the e-learning as a SCORM package on your own LMS.

✔ Multilingual availability

Dutch, French or English? Our e-learning is available in three languages by default. You don’t need to request additional licences for each language.

✔ Mobile learning

Our online e-learning is fully responsive: your co-workers can learn wherever and whenever they want, on every device.

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The e-learning teaches your employees all about:

  • phishing
  • piggybacking
  • external hardware
  • public cloud
  • public Wi-Fi
  • logingegevens delen
  • shoulder surfing
  • keyloggers
  • browser add-ons
  • ransomware
  • social engineering

Neo Learning: your e-learning partner #masterthenewfaster

✔ We bring theory to life

We don’t take creating e-learnings lightly. Our courses are developed in close collaboration with cybersecurity experts, the scenarios are based on real-life examples.

✔ UX that puts the ‘U’ at the centre

We don’t do boring click-through training. Instead, you get a functional learning experience with user-friendly support and an intuitive design. That way, your employees navigate through the course with ease.

✔ Time is money

We go for quick and efficient results. On average, it takes 25 minutes to complete our e-learning. Thanks to the intuitive navigation on any device, your colleagues will complete the course with ease.

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