Customized learning solutions

Is your organization facing specific challenges? New guidelines or regulations? New security risks or codes of conduct? New tools or new ways of working? New employees to onboard?

Excellent. Our team will be happy to develop your customised digital training courses. So that your organization gets a grip on all that’s new.

An offer for your project

What customized solutions do you choose?

The short answer is: just about everything digital. And everything else your organistion needs to exceed L&D goals:

    Storytelling is our hobbyhorse, scenario-based e-learning our specialty. We use video and gamification to make learning accessible and attractive to your target audience. And it doesn’t always have to be big: microlearning works!
    We ensure that every digital training course pays off by packaging it correctly: with a blended learning approach and a communication campaign. This way, your digital training lives within your organization. We also develop the most flexible leerplatformen.
    As a brand of Xylos, we know as no other learning company how employees learn and function in the modern workplace. Webinars and virtual classrooms, podcast learning, mobile learning: we follow it all closely.
I want a solution tailored to my needs

3 advantages of your collaboration with Neo Learning

  • SPEED AND EFFICIENCY: A project manager manages your project from A to Z. Tight deadlines don’t scare us. Hopefully you can keep up with our pace.
  • OBJECTIVE IMPACT: We deploy experts for every aspect of your digital learning solution: an instructional designer provides incisive didactics, a copywriter puts everything into words perfectly, a graphic designer provides the wow effect and a developer makes everything concrete.
  • IMMEDIATE QUALITY: We are strict with ourselves and employ an experienced quality controller during each project phase, from storyboard to final learning product. This saves you time and energy.

But as the saying goes: the proof is in the pudding.

I want pudding