Flexible and result-driven learning platforms

Which learning platform fits your organization? Good question. Actually, it’s better to ask yourself which learning journeys your employees need to get the most out of themselves.

Whatever the answer, the solution is always: an opensource learning platform. The only way to achieve true flexibility.

A truly flexible platform, please!

Totara Talent Experience Platform: there's only one like it

The open source Totara Talent Experience Platform (or Totara TXP) is the global reference. It consists of 3 components.

You choose based on your needs:

  • TOTARA LEARN: The Learning Management System (LMS) that organizes blended learning down to the last detail, but also makes it accessible and attractive.
  • TOTARA ENGAGE: The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) full of interaction possibilities that encourage your employees to absorb and share knowledge proactively and informally.
  • TOTARA PERFORM: the performance management system that helps you identify and develop the factors that are crucial to the performance of your teams. 
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3 reasons to develop your learning platform with us

  1. EXPERIENCE: We have been supporting more than 30 companies from dozens of sectors with the development, implementation and support of their learning platform.
  2. QUALIFICATION: We are a Totara Platinum Alliance partner and have already won several awards, like this one.
  3. TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE: As a brand of Xylos and therefore a brother of Bagaar, we are surrounded daily by IT experts who inspire us with innovative ideas and solutions.
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