Totara TXP: Talent Management for the 21st century

Totara’s new Talent Experience Platform is live – a powerful integration of an LMS, an LXP and a Performance platform. Learn more about the power of Totara TXP below.

Learning Management System (LMS) for blended learning

Totara Learn is the acclaimed must-have learning platform for every organisation that wants to offer employees a flexible way to hone their knowledge and skills in a format that caters to their ever-changing needs. Thanks to improvements such as the new mobile app, Totara helps them achieve their learning goals even more efficiently.

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The ultimate Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Totara Engage’s LXP offers a smooth learning process that’s shaped by your employees themselves. Just-in-time and informal learning processes engage them without disrupting their team’s usual workflow. The solution also stimulates collaboration (social learning) and microlearning, which results in shorter learning curves and better performance.

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Productivity for the modern workplace

Totara Perform helps you boost your employees’ productivity in and outside of the office. Totara’s unmatched flexibility lets you develop performance management processes</strong> tailored to your organisation with 360° review and feedback, one-on-one coaching, performance reviews and much more. Shortly put: <strong>performance becomes an intrinsic part of your employees’ growth and learning plan.

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The three biggest advantages of the Totara Talent Experience Platform

Modular approach

You only choose the platforms your organisation really needs:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) with Totara Learn
  • A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) with Totara Engage
  • A Performance Management System with Totara Perform

Flexible and made to measure

All three Totara platforms are open source. Neo Learning adapts them to your specific wishes, from their look & feel to their structure and functionalities. Are you already a Totara customer through another partner, but would you like to achieve more with this solution? Totara offers you the freedom to switch to another partner at any moment. Your learning environment transitions smoothly with you.


Totara works on all devices and is intuitive to use - for the L&D managers who manage the system as well as for the end users who experience the learning platform.

What’s new with Totara 13:Our highlights

The efficiency of microlearning and on-the-go learning has been proven time and again, which makes the new, fully responsive mobile app a crucial added value. Android and iOS users can access courses to improve their knowledge whenever and wherever they want to.

Totara Engage’s new Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a fantastic tool in and of itself, but there’s more to it: thanks to its smart integration, it can communicate with Microsoft Teams! This helps you develop an inspiring learning culture without disturbing your colleagues’ workflow.

We love the fact that the new Totara platform focuses on employees’ productivity. It’s an incredibly useful addition that makes sure your employees effectively put their new skills into practice.

About Totara and Neo Learning

Neo Learning isn’t just a Totara Platinum Partner - we were also acknowledged as the Best Business Services Project (for Securitas Aviation) at the latest Totara Awards.

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