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Our team consists of driven and passionate people, each with their own expertise. For every step in the project – project management, instructional design, copywriting, graphic design, content development, php development, quality control, functional analysis – we have an in-house specialist.

What do they have in common? A hands-on mentality, a customer-oriented point of view, and a strong focus on results. All in their unique way #atypicalbynature.

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Neo Learning was bornfrom a multifaceted idea

The new learning applies to our mission. In order to continue to grow and stand the test of time, people and organizations need to get to grips with new challenges ever more quickly. Thanks to us, they succeed.

The new learning applies to our approach. Thanks to our solid roots at IT company Xylos, we draw power from modern, digital learning solutions. We engage your target audience using innovative methods. Storytelling, interactivity and gamification are no buzzwords for us. We use them to build sustainable learning campaigns.

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