sustainable cocoa production

Puratos specializes in products and solutions for bakery, pastry and chocolate industries. The sustainable production of chocolate is of great importance to them. Puratos wants to pass on knowledge about that process to its employees.

e-learning with gaming elements

Sustainable chocolate is the star of our e-learning for Puratos. The user follows the journey of the cocoa bean, from the tree to the packaged chocolate bar.

The user’s mission in this course? Increasing the sustainability of chocolate in general by improving the sustainability of every specific step in the product chain. Economic, social, ecological, and even political aspects all have their influence on the chain. We built in gamification elements like scores and badges to provide extra motivation for users.

Users decide for themselves whether they want to look at extra background information about production, certifications and plantations. That way, they are always in control of their own learning process.

“De creatieve aanpak van Neo heeft ervoor gezorgd dat tekst, beeld en technologie mooi samensmelten in een leerrijke cursus”

Samuel Rojas, L&D Manager Emea