more respect on bus and tram

Youngsters and schoolchildren often get the blame for small and larger incidents on busses or trams. De Lijn (the Flemish public transportation company) wants to address these issues as part of their participatory project ‘Trammelant’.

That project is aimed at teaching students how to treat public transportation and each other with respect.

De Lijn needed a solution that allowed them to sensitize and inform a broad target audience in a constructive way.

a free app for youngsters

For De Lijn, we developed a solution that appeals to youngsters: an app for smartphones and tablets.

With the app, users can judge situations on the bus. In 30 seconds, they have to point out as many inappropriate situations (smoking on the bus, sticking gum under your seat, playing loud music, etc) as possible to score points. If they click on situations that are correct, they will lose points.

The game also contains an information layer. After every module, the user has to answer some multiple choice questions on vandalism, aggression, social behavior and road safety. If they answer correctly, they earn bonus points.

The app is free, and is available for Android as well as iOS. Schools can register to participate as a group. Students, teachers and even parents can link to a school to increase its total score.

Each week, De Lijn rewards the individual winner with a nice surprise. The best school also has a chance to win a monthly prize.