Volta is the sector organization for electricians. It defends the interests of about 5000 companies and their 36,000 employees. The organization operates as a single point of contact for their members, offering their expertise, knowledge and advice. Volta supports its members in the form of various online and classroom trainings, workshops, info sessions, strategic research, etc.

In search of a user-friendly learning platform

Volta had a rather complex process when it came to online registration for e-learnings and classroom training. People could register on Volta’s website and leave their contact info. The administrator then had go through multiple elaborate steps to register learners in various databases. That process was in desperate need of change.

Ultimately, Volta’s goal was an ecosystem in which several databases are able to exchange information with each other automatically. To achieve that goal, one essential element they needed was a flexible learning management system.

The LMS had to be a user-friendly tool that:

facilitates the organization of digital and real-life training;
follows up on training results;
meets Volta’s current needs, and is flexible enough to adapt to any future changes.

The Totara LMS as part of an ecosystem

By developing a Totara LMS for Volta, Neo Learning has played an integral part in establishing the desired ecosystem.

This is the simplified registration process Neo Learning put in place:

  1. Just like before, people register for training through the Volta website.
  2. When a new user fills in contact information, the Learning & Development department receives a request to approve this user.
  3. The information is then automatically added to Volta’s ERP system, which in turn is linked to the Totara LMS. Therefore, the user and the course they registered for are also listed in the LMS.

If the user has previously registered for a Volta training, the entire process actually flows without any interference from Learning & Development.

To establish the connections between ERP and Totara, Neo Learning used Totara API. In fact, the open-source aspect of Totara really made the difference in this project. It allowed to link tools that were already in place at Volta on the one hand, with Totara on the other.

Not only does this allow Volta to drastically simplify their registration process. With one push of a button, Volta generates a report on one user, containing all the info that is spread over various databases (e.g. learning data, user data, invoice data). Still, every platform keeps running individually, and does what it excels at.

Neo Learning has been working with Volta for several years now. They work in sprints to achieve realistic goals and deploy functionalities step by step. Neo Learning also provides workshopstechnical support and training to maximally support the client.

When it comes to their Totara LMS, the future still has a lot in store for Volta. The automated registration of classroom sessions is one of the next steps.

A simplified registration process and comprehensive reports

Even though the deployment of the LMS at Volta is still in the early stages, the platform already counts over 700 active users. Since Volta has a very large amount of users, a lot more people will be added in the near future when they register for training, webinars or workshops.

The simplified registration process has resulted in a lot less manual work for Volta’s Learning & Development department. Also, generating comprehensive reports about users is now a piece of cake.

In the future, Volta will be connecting other internal platforms to their Totara LMS, making their ecosystem even more efficient and inclusive.

“For us, the Totara LMS really is the best of its kind. Neo Learning is able to offer a lot of added value with their transparent and flexible way of working. We can really count on their Totara experts to translate the atypical structure of our organization into a solid and user-friendly LMS. With the possibilities for mobile learning and multi-tenancy, the Totara Talent Experience Platform also holds some very promising features in store for our future. ”

Jim Wallens, Training Advisor at Volta